PUBG MOBILE X Liverpool Football Club


PUBG MOBILE announced a collaboration with the famous Liverpool Football Club, which will add branded outfits and unlockable items for players. This relationship is the first time PUBG MOBILE collaborated directly with a football club and will take place from November 12e to December 20e. Players will have the opportunity to earn free and exclusive Liverpool FC play equipment by participating in and completing a series of games in Classic Mode.

Champions of the 2019 FIFA Club World Cup and the 2018-19 UEFA Champions League, Liverpool fc is recognized as one of the premier football clubs in the Premier League and has built a reputation as a true team player. “You’ll Never Walk Alone” has been the club’s anthem since 1968, expressing the team spirit and unity that are at the heart of the club. The values ​​that Liverpool fc embody and inculcate is a source of inspiration for many PUBG MOBILE community and thanks to this collaboration, players will now be able to don Liverpool fc equipment and show their support to the team.

Crispy drew, Senior Vice President, Digital, Liverpool FC, said: “In an increasingly digital world, we pride ourselves on being able to innovate and engage with our fans on the wide range of digital platforms they favor. As the field of online gaming grows and evolves among our fans, PUBG MOBILE is the perfect platform to connect with them in a different but highly relevant context – interweaving the world of online gaming and football through the power of games and play. It is a great opportunity for fans of embrace their love of the club and interact with LFC on one of their favorite platforms, bringing together the physical interactive nature of football in the interactive digital world of the game. ”

“In PUBG MOBILE, teamwork is a fundamental principle for those who seek to win. In collaboration with Liverpool Football Club, a team renowned for its courageous camaraderie, we have found a perfect partner ”, noted Vincent wang, PUBG MOBILE Publishing Manager, Tencent Games. “As we continue to strengthen our current ties and develop premier partnerships with iconic industry leaders, we look forward to further integrating the world of football into the game. PUBG MOBILE. “

The collaboration between PUBG MOBILE and Liverpool fc is part of the new version 1.6 update, bringing new content, game modes and several exciting collaborations to the game.

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