Ohio State fans gather to music on football game days

Christy Welder (front right), a fourth year in zoology, leads her row, T-Row, of trumpeters in a performance at the Ohio State-Oregon game on September 11. Credit: Courtesy of Ed and Karen Crockett

Whether it’s the marching band performing on the field or a DJ spinning records in a bar, students can find music all over campus every football Saturday.

Ohio State students are exposed to a wide variety of music on game day, bringing them together with songs they know and a game they love. Mike Dow, DJ for Midway Block Parties and 2015 Ohio State Graduate, said the music scene around campus on Saturdays has changed over the years, but music still plays a role. essential in improving the match day experience.

“It’s a lot more hip-hop now,” said Dow. “I think everyone in party mode, you know, in any bar or club, listens to a lot more hip-hop than before.”

Dow said music is important for sports and play days because both generate similar energy from people.

“Having this complete sensory overload type thing, right?” Dow said. “People try to push everything to the maximum, you know. People try to party, so music is an important part of the party’s soundtrack. “

Although songs such as “Mo Bamba” by Sheck Wes, “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X, and “Trap Queen” by Fetty Wap are all songs that Dow said he had partied in as a student or played. As a DJ, the game A Day’s Music Experience also includes classics such as “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes and “Hang on Sloopy,” performed by the marching band.

Christy Welder, a fourth year in zoology who plays trumpet in the Ohio State Marching Band, said she sees music on game days from a different perspective than many other students. While some attend parties listening to music accompanied by flashing lights and powerful bass, Welder said she is wearing her band’s uniform, preparing for the long day ahead.

“Our report time is six hours before kickoff, so for those noon games we have to be here at six in the morning,” Welder said. “We’re going to go through all of our music for the day including pre-game, half-time, whatever we could play in Skull Session.”

However, the same hits that students can listen to before the game also tend to play in the stadium and allow group members to get excited ahead of their performance, Welder said.

“They play music and stuff until we go out,” Welder said. “Before that, it gives you some energy and prepares you to play in front of all these people.”

Along with tradition, Ohio State game day music can go hand in hand with superstitions.

Sabrina Scheetz, a fourth year in industrial engineering, said she wakes up every football Saturday to “Carmen Ohio,” which she defines as her alarm clock. Scheetz said she started this tradition with her roommate in 2019.

Scheetz said she forgot to set her alarm for the Ohio State football game against Oregon on September 11 and felt the loss was linked.

“The first game we had this week was at night, so I didn’t set it up for that just because it was night, and I didn’t need to wake up for the game.” , Scheetz said. “But every time I had to wake up for the game, it was ‘Carmen Ohio’, and it was the first time since I started doing this that I haven’t.”

Scheetz said playing the right music is a way to energize and unify crowds, and without music game days wouldn’t be the same.

“I think that definitely sets the tone,” Scheetz said. “I mean, without music, I feel like game days wouldn’t be that much fun.”

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First Woman To Win CT High School Football Game Takes On Co-op Team Challenges

A Friday night that started with Jenn Stango Garzone wondering if she was going to be able to field a football team ended with Connecticut sports history and a drenched head coach.

“Luigi Velardi, he’s a legend,” said Stango Garzone. “He said he had to get me my first water bath-Gatorade. He was on a mission for that.

After quarterback Ben Conti scored on a 21-yard touchdown run with 20 seconds left to seal Northwest United Co-op’s 26-14 victory over Platt Tech, after the last 20 seconds have passed, well Of course, Stango Garzone carried the contents of the well-known orange cooler.

Velardi, his assistant, came over and tapped Stango Garzone on the shoulder. The former Watertown head coach, who was due to take over the Sacred Heart-Kaynor Tech-Nonnewaug co-op before Sacred Heart closed, is a man bear.

Stango Garzone is 5 feet 1 inch tall. So she jumped. Velardi lifted her a few feet off the ground for an embrace that looked like Yogi Berra leaping into Don Larsen’s arms after the perfect 1956 World Series match.

And why not? Stango Garzone became the first female coach to win a game in state high school history.

“I know how important it is in the grand scheme of things for young women who love football, who are looking to play or get into coaching and sports administration,” she said. “I know that in the grand scheme of things, a wall has been knocked down.

“But like I said, I just love being a coach. All credit goes to the children and I have been fortunate to have such an amazing and experienced staff. I joke with my athletes that I hope one day I limp on a cane watching football or some other sport from the stands and that they take over the reins. Keep it up, man or woman. The more mundane things get, the more consistent the opportunities will be. “

There is an undeniable sporting pragmatism and sense of humor in Stango Garzone. After all, she played soccer, basketball and softball at Sacré-Cœur and Post. For 11 years she played semi-pro football in all positions except kicker. Despite turning 38 on Friday, Stango Garzone is not officially retired as a player.

“I got married, I got pregnant,” she said. “When I was ready to come back, the women’s season was canceled. It was last year, but Boston was the closest team. No way I could drive two hours round trip twice a week with a toddler. Would love to have another season or two if the body allows and the location was ideal.

She continues to coach women’s basketball and softball at Wolcott Tech. It was there that she taught social sciences and special education and was a football assistant for seven years before the program grew into a cooperative with Housatonic Regional and Wamogo. When she became the first woman to be named Connecticut football coach with MCW United, I asked her a big difference between coaching boys and girls.

The girls keep their mouthguards clean and in their case, she replied, while the boys will drop it on the floor of the bus, find it a week later and put it back in their mouths.

“I can’t explain it,” she said. “I saw it.”

When she started coaching football, opposing teams occasionally sent a player. They thought she was the coach. Stango Garzone would say, “Sorry, I’m not certified to bind ankles.”

So here it is 20 minutes before a kick off at 7 a.m. at Foran High in Milford, a player short of a squad. His 10 Wolcott Tech players had arrived on the familiar blue bus from the state’s tech schools. The yellow bus with 17 Nonnewaug and four Wamogo players was nowhere to be found. Finally, finally, it has arrived.

“They got off the bus in single file, looking like the complete annihilation of everyone in their way,” Stango Garzone said. “But first, they had to run to the bathroom.

“We had a kid who has played in a college game before and I have told them now that you know how to fight in the face of adversity.”

Yes, Stango Garzone is a female football coach.

She is also a coach of a cooperative team. His first went 0-10, but then again he was on a 0-40 run when he disbanded. She preaches integrity and character.

“The co-op program is probably the most difficult coaching job, just because you don’t have to deal with just one school,” said Stango Garzone. “You deal with multiple schools and that means you also deal with different education boards, different health departments. You have to deal with different schedules, rules and regulations. It’s taxing. “

When there was extreme heat a few weeks ago, for example, a school district canceled all afternoon activities. Nonnewaug, the host school for the program, has an air-conditioned weight room and could have used their gym for training, but the other district was bound by their overall decision. No exceptions.

“In times of pandemic it is even more trying,” said Stango Garzone. “Now you have to worry about the protocols of each district. “

Only students at tech schools can take the blue buses, said Stango Garzone, until approved otherwise by the district central office. She works there. The coordination of transport and drivers was difficult. There are days when she’s asked co-workers to drop children off at Nonnewaug, so at least they have a turn to practice. A common practice was closed because one school was quarantined and another was not allowed out for three days due to the heat.

“I was worried going into the season of unrepresented games for these kids,” said Stango Garzone. ” We were lucky. We still had our scrum with Woodland and took joint training with Watertown. “

No wonder she called the four pre-season weeks before the opening kick-off as the most chaotic of her career.

“One of the most rewarding things about a co-op is seeing kids from multiple cities come together,” said Stango Garzone. “Coach in the technical high school system (which is based on different cities), I’ve seen that before. The fact that this has happened in such a short time is one of those things that can unify a region of a state.

Nonnewaug had his school renovated and his pitch redone, so the team has a weight room and a grass pitch with lights. With Housatonic Regional as MCW’s host, there was no light. All home games were scheduled to take place on Saturday.

“One day a week might not seem like a lot,” said Stango Garzone, “but that’s almost two weeks of travel time and wear and tear you save. Loved being at Housy. (AD) Anne Macneil is phenomenal. It just got to a point where the board the numbers had gone down so low they couldn’t stay on budget to continue hosting. I think they had less than five kids at that time -the.

Housatonic joined the Gilbert-Northwestern cooperative to form a new club. Granted, this is the rural northwest, but these three schools cover 12 towns. Teammates can live within an hour of each other.

“Housy was a state powerhouse for a while in football,” Stango Garzone said. “Now they’re cooperating with their nemesis (they played every Thanksgiving). There was a time when Gilbert and Housy were never meant to be spoken in the same sentence.

There was no passing league for any of the tech schools last year. Despite coming out of a junior college program, the Nonnewaug players, led by Conti and running back Jason Mauro, worked with Sacred Heart and Kaynor. Stango Garzone said it definitely shows.

Yes, coach co-ops are tough and crazy, regardless of gender. Although it is safe to say that none of the others gave birth.

Geneviève is 2 1/2 now. She is cuter than cute.

“Cute and fiery,” Mom said. “She’s become very vocal and very independent and is definitely testing the waters of insubordination. Its good. I know it goes fast. I try to make the most of every second that I can.

With a kick-off at 7 p.m., the trip and a bedtime from 7:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., Geneviève could not make the game on Friday. With a home game against Cheney Tech and a 6pm start, she might be there for Game 2. Her husband Francesco, a math teacher and musician who sometimes sings the national anthem at Jenn’s games, won’t. not.

After this historic victory, several coaches, teachers and former players congratulated her. Among them was Jamie Coty, whom Stango Garzone assisted at Wolcott Tech and is now Cheney’s defensive coordinator.

“We spoke last Friday and Saturday and said he could only speak after the game – all business until then,” said Stango Garzone. ” Found that. My husband is going to see the Foo Fighters in Bridgeport on Friday. Jamie’s wife also goes to Foo Fighters. Big game between us and they chose Dave Grohl.

jeff.jacobs@hearstmediact.com; @ jeffjacobs123

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‘COVID Situation’ Cancels Oil City High School Soccer Game | Local sports

Oil City High School Principal Scott Stahl said on Tuesday that the Oil City High School’s home football opener against Wilmington was called off due to an “Oil City Football COVID situation “.

“If all goes well, we will be eligible to start training next Monday,” he said.

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Oxford professor explains how to win fantasy football game using math

Do you dream of winning a fantasy football match? Teacher says a little math is all it takes

Some even create algorithms in hopes of winning fantasy football

If you think of yourself as the manager of a soccer team and think you have the skills, you can do it virtually with fantasy football.

If you are not sure what fantasy football is, it is basically a competition where you can select imaginary teams from the players in a league and score points based on the actual performance of the players. .

But where the hell does math come in? Can you really be successful at math?

In a YouTube video uploaded by Oxford University mathematician Joshua Bull, the idea that math tells us how to win in fantasy football is explored, so be prepared to take some notes as it might come in handy.

Every year the Fantasy Premier League takes place and around seven and a half million people compete against each other, making it a big deal to say the least. Joshua Bull was lucky enough to win the competition last year and is often asked if it was because of his math skills that he won.

Michail Antonio was a fantasy football favorite last year


Marc Atkins / Getty Images)

In a nutshell, you start with a budget of £ 100million and pick a 15-player squad using it. You are only allowed no more than three players from each club and each week you choose from 11 players that you think are doing the best, and they score virtual points for real performance. Whoever you choose as captain, you will also score double points.

Maths-Whizz is a super smart virtual math teacher that offers interactive games, lessons, and exercises for ages five to 13.

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This article contains affiliate links, we may receive a commission on the sales we generate from it.Learn more

In the video, Joshua states that “being a strategic thinker is definitely an advantage” and that “mathematical models are a great way to explore more complex systems” – which in this case is fantasy football.

His strategy came from these smart mathematical assumptions:

  • Pick a few dear players and stick with them
  • Give players a chance – don’t give up after a week
  • Make transfers by getting rid of the underperformers, not just bringing in players who did well last week

To recap the video, Joshua discusses team strategy, transfer strategy, form during games and captain’s strategy.

For team strategy choose 5-6 expensive players + cheap fillers over 1-2 expensive + midrange, for bench substitution, @Home players rather than @Away players. Training isn’t really a factor either (choose better based on your players)

When thinking about the transfer strategy, remember the form versus matches and transfer the underachiever to the best player transfer from last week.

In terms of captain’s strategy, form games, and if it’s a tie, at home rather than away.

See, it’s not too difficult, right?

Even though Joshua didn’t necessarily write complex equations, he still thought mathematically.

Speaking to the Oxford University blog, he said: “You can apply the exact same logic to fantasy football. So you have all this data and you want to know how your choice of team will impact your points.

Many fantasy football punters backed Fernandes last year


Michael Steele / Getty Images)

“It’s the kind of thing you can model very well mathematically. These are the things I was thinking about, even though I wasn’t writing equations.

“Some people actually write algorithms for fantasy football, some more successful than others.

“All teams play once and then you can make transfers. You can only make one or two changes per week. If you want to earn more than that, it starts costing you points – you have to pay a flat rate.

“So there’s a real optimization problem where there are players that you might want to bring in, but it’s not necessarily easy to say ‘I want them on my team, so I’m going to have them in my team. team.'”

It’s really about whether to pick very few dear people or have less of those dear players and more of a balanced squad, which is basically a math problem.

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