‘A real football club’ – Lyle Taylor sends passionate message to Nottingham Forest


Lyle Taylor congratulated the Nottingham Forest fans for their support in a spectacular 2-1 win at Bristol City last night.

Taylor was the hero as Forest claimed four rebound wins in dramatic style last night, scoring two goals in stoppage time.

Taylor was brought on the bench in the 81st minute, scoring in the first minute of stoppage time from the penalty spot.

Taylor retrieved the ball from the net, ran straight to the center circle and less than a minute later, he tapped at the back post to win the game for Forest.

The entire team of players ran to a jubilant away end, filled with over 1,500 Forest fans bewildered by what they had just seen.

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Speaking to the press after the game, Taylor praised the Reds on the road, calling Forest a “fitting and fitting football club” because of it.

He said, “Do you know what, these are the people who make these games and these results are worth it.” If we had 150 fans, it wouldn’t have been the same.

“I think I saw a pink rocket, you wouldn’t have seen pink smoke going up and that kind of thing because of the number of fans.

“We have an incredible number of subscribers outside. You see the City Ground on Saturday, it was 28,000 odd. It’s a real football club with a good audience.

“It’s great to see so many here.

The verdict

Fans of the forest deserved it for the way they move in numbers no matter the distance, day or weather.

Few of them would have expected them to win the game in this style, but Forest clearly believed it.

The 90 + 1 celebration to get the ball in the net and score a second goal summed up what they are right now.

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